Your Team

Donna, Insurance Specialist

Home town; Bridgewater, MA
Education/Certification: Boston University
Dr. Schuster Professional Development and Management Course
In Dentistry since 1987
With Dr. Shierling since 2006


Shawnda, Receptionist & Scheduler

With Dr. Shierling since 2007


Leisa, Dental Hygienist

Originally from Connecticut, Leisa has been a hygienist since 1991.

She is married and has two beautiful daughters. Leisa has been on our team since 2008.


Annette, Dental Assistant

Hometown: N. Miami, FL
Expanded Duties Dental Assisting
Fabrication, Temps, Crowns and Bridges
Radiology Certificate
Lived in Cape Coral since 1989
In Dentistry since 1994
With Dr. Shierling since 2006


Heather, Dental Hygienist

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Registered Dental Hygienist
Lived in Fort Myers since 1988
In Dentistry since 1996
With Dr Shierling since 2000


Danielle, Dental Assistant

Pine Island Girl


Shannon, Dental Assistant

Transplant from Wisconsin


Mariah, Dental Hygienist

2006 Graduate of Florida Southwestern State College Hygiene Program

Moe, Sterile Tech, Dental Assistant

Cape Coral