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Today was my first visit and I’m so thankful I went. Wonderful people and a great experience. So glad I found Shierling Family Dentistry!

Nicole Emery

Finally, we have found a family dentist! After a very bad experience with a dentist in Fort Myers, we found someone we can trust and who takes exceptional care of us! Both my husband and I have been to Shierling for check-ups and fillings. We’ve seen both Dr. Shierling and Dr. Palmer and can say without hesitation that we’ve been impressed with the care we received from both of them. The hygienist was thorough and yet gentle giving us both one of the best cleanings we’ve ever had at a dentist. The girls in front are friendly, professional and really know their stuff about insurance and billing. We will definitely be going Shierling Family Dentistry for many years to come!

Kathy Kirchner, Cape Coral

Dental Cleaning and Exam. They were able to give me a prompt appointment. They were friendly and professional. The office was clean, quiet and close to home.

Maureen Gaccione

I lost a crown on 4/1 and had no pain for two weeks. By the third week, I was in pain but I thought I could manage until I returned to my home in another state. Within days I was in constant pain and realized I couldn’t wait another three weeks. I looked on Angie’s list and started calling dentists. I was able to get into see Dr Shierling within the hour due to a cancellation, thanks to Shawnda at the reception desk.

Dr. Shierling’s assistant Annette took an exray but nothing showed that was helpful. (No crack or deterioration of the exposed tooth.) The excruciating pain was the only indication that something was wrong. A shot to numb the area was most appreciated at that point.

Dr. Shierling suggested I go to an Endodontist for further exam and a possible root canal. He had Annette begin calling his colleagues who do root canals and within 10 minutes they had me lined up with Dr. Wayne Dubin in Fort Myers. My appointment was as soon as I could get there.

My appointment with Dr. Shierling was at 10 am and by 2 pm I was on my way home from Dr. Dubin’s office, root canal completed. Within a week I returned to Dr. Shierling’s office to have my crown reseated. Many thanks to Dr Shierling and his staff, beginning with Shawnda who got me in right away, Annette who was most kind in my hour of pain and arranged my appointment with Dr. Dubin, and finally Donna who went the extra mile and submitted paperwork to my insurance company.

Gordon Zillges, Olympia WA

This is my second visit with this dentist, this time for teeth cleaning. Again, the service was excellent. Like going to the spa for teeth, gentle and thorough job. I can’t say enough about this practice.

Excellent………on time….gentle and thorough…..felt like I was at the spa, rather than the dentist.

Jeanette Cantando, Cape Coral

Broke tooth during Thanksgiving trip. When I returned called and they got me in same day because they always try to have emergency appointments available.

Heather Palmer and her staff took their time installing a temporary crown making sure I didn’t have any high spots that would cause discomfort until a permanent crown is made. Next time I will dress warmer, not shorts and t-shirt, because they keep it cool in rooms which I prefer. I’ll just dress accordingly .

David Bargmann, Cape Coral

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Removed wisdom tooth. I have never had any teeth pulled. Dr. Shierling and staff were wonderful, explaining the procedure!

My apt was for 9am and I was taken back exactly at 9am. The doctor’s assistant went over what they were going to do along with followup care. Dr. Shierling came in, great bedside manner if you will, gave me a needle to numb the area and the bonus was your face did not get numb, just the area that was going to be worked on. He came back a few minutes later and he removed my wisdom tooth in under 5 minutes. I felt VERY LITTLE ….he said “it was out”..and I said “what??” its over? This is the first tooth I have ever had pulled in my life. I cannot say enough about this practice. I am extremely picky, especially about dentists. I recently moved here from Philadelphia, PA and I actually joined Angie’s List to find a dentist. I chose Dr. Shierling because of his reviews and I cannot be any more pleased. I was going to fly back to Philly for cleaning in Feb. (that is how choosey I am) but have scheduled my cleaning apt with Dr. Shierling. I am proud to say he is my dentist. As a bonus, his office is drop dead gorgeous, and all the staff are great too. All I can say is you won’t be disappointed.

Jeanette Cantando, Cape Coral

The staff is very good. They are very efficient, courteous and friendly.

They seem very accurate. They are also punctual. They have been very good. I was really very favorably impressed. I had an emergency problem and they saw me right away and rectify the problem. They also rectified the problem that I had for years with my two previous dentists that hadn’t been really resolved.

Cathleen Ganos, St. James City

Dr Shierling did lower partials and an upper bridge for me.

His absolute dedication is to your satisfaction. He is a bulldog. He will lay out every single option. He is not just telling you one thing like the highest thing of the shelf. He gave me three options concerning with this problem. I picked an option that I could afford and then even with that he was a bulldog about getting it right. He would do it impression after impression. He would make absolutely sure that it was absolutely perfect.

I am totally completely happy with . . If you get in you have an appointment your not sitting there for an hour waiting no I mean everybody runs behind but you know you may wait 10 minutes which is pretty good. Amazing bedside/chair-side manner. Amazing communication. They give you an appointment card. They call you up. They make sure they give you appointment reminders not a problem. The teeth are still there. The partial still works. The billing is great. They were very accommodating.

Pamela Hightower, North Fort Myers

I needed to establish a dentist in Cape Coral. A friend recommended Shierling Dentistry. Angie’s List gave the practice a very high rating. The office staff was very helpful with obtaining my records and films from my previous dentist. I was seen in less than 2 weeks. Dr. Palmer was very thorough and honest.

When I called to get an appointment, the office staff scheduled me quickly. They gathered my insurance information and took care of all the billing.

They also mentioned the dentist would want a panoramic film Medicare/Humana would not pay for ($125). They asked if I’d had one in the last three years, which I did at my last dentist. They took care of securing a copy so I didn’t have to have a repeat panoramic film.

Dr. Heather Palmer did my examination and performed the initial cleaning. She was excellent! She was very honest about the frequency that I need for follow up examinations and cleaning. I will be going to this practice for my regular check ups and know the care I get is very competent.

Todd Russell, Cape Coral

Routine check-up. Very nice people and efficient service.

Joseph Wyant, Cape Coral

Painful tooth, not able to eat. The staff was most helpful in getting me an appointment as soon as possible.

They were very thorough investigating the problem of tooth pain before proceeding with treatment. That made me feel much more comfortable and relaxed knowing that they would be able to fix the problem and they did!!! They were great at explaining to me what they would be doing each step of the way. After I was finished the office person was extremely kind and helpful explaining to me the billing process.

I generally don’t like dentist offices at all, this one is an exception and I will be going back to them for future dental care.

Cindy Evenson, North Fort Myers

While chewing on a peppermint, I snapped off a bridge taking two teeth with it.

The horror of feeling a small lump in your month and finding your teeth is unimaginable. This happened on Wednesday night and I called DR Shierlings office Thursday morning. I was thinking that because they had snapped at the gumline, that I would have to get surgery because there was nothing to grab onto.

When they called me into the treatment room, the dental tech was very reassuring. One thing I liked is that she very careful in going over my medical history which did turn out to be significant later on. After Xrays, Dr. Palmer (an associate) came in to evaluate my condition and talk to me.

After the anesthesia, I was amazed that it only took her about five minutes to get the broken roots removed with minimal discomfort. Afterward, I heard the tech discussing my reactions to certain pain medications because they wanted to provide prescriptions for antibiotics and pain. Some drugs had previously caused me severe gastric distress.

Dr Palmer then advised me on followup and what my options were on replacement of the missing teeth.

My philosphy when seeking professional assistance is if this were an auto dealership, would I buy a car from them? Absolutely yes, yes yes!


I needed a new dentist for myself and 3 pre-teen children. Expectations were exceeded and my son even mentioned how he was treated with respect instead of like a kid.
Catherine Coleman, Cape Coral
Gary was able to see me the same day I called and he and his staff delivered quality pain-free dental care to prep my tooth for a new crown.

Don Montgomery, Cape Coral

The staff was very friendly and professional. After the exam and cleaning Dr. Shierling provided me with several alternatives for addressing my dental needs and suggestions for long-term maintenance. I believe the charges for the services were reasonable based on my previous experience with dental professional fees.

Bruce Anderson, Cape Coral

I see the same hygienist for my cleanings. I have an extensive medical history and complex medications. Their computer records are always up to par. They update my medical info at every visit. They even have it noted that I require a shoulder pillow due to neck surgery in my past. I would also like to make note that this office is closed Fri, Sat, and Sun, but if you are a regular patient, you have the ability to contact Dr. Shierling for an emergency visit when the office is closed.

Bruce Malo, Cape Coral

I go every six months for cleaning & check-up. I saw the hygienist, had e rays and then the doctor saw me.
Dr. Shierling is reasonably priced (I don’t have dental insurance), has a good bedside manner and I have recommended him to friends. I see him twice a year and have been for nearly 14 years. His office is clean and well-staffed
Suzanne Warnky, Fort Myers

The latest appointment was for cleaning & Xrays. I changed the dentist where I am currently living twice because both of the previous dentists allowed my teeth and gums to not get the corrective work needed. Dr. Shierling on my first vist saw my issues and had me go to a Periodontics specialist to correct my problems. You will not be let down with Gary!

Doreen Wilson, Cape Coral

We had an emergency when my wife chipped her tooth. It is hard to find such a great dentist. We got Dr. Shierling from Angies list. We called and they got us right in. They were wonderful. His staff and assistant, everyone… it was a painless experience! Our Insurance wasn’t going to cover the work because my wife had just had the same tooth fixed earlier this year. Dr. Shierling repaired the tooth and charged a very reasonable price, which I paid out of pocket. We are very happy with Dr. Shierling and will go to see him again.

Mike Burgess, Cape Coral

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